Voter Engagement


Throughout the years, ICUC leaders have participated in various political campaigns. By engaging in this process, leaders systematically reach out to unlikely voters in the area to turn them out to the polls. This is crucial in our communities with large disproportionate representation of what the population actually looks like and how political decision-making doesn’t represent our needs. Because of these disparities, ICUC, in partnership with larger statewide and regional networks has worked to bridge the gap of representation by working towards passing various propositions and reaching out to young, immigrant, and black and brown voters.

From propositions focused on felony reform to the implementation of revenue for education, ICUC leaders have tirelessly worked towards passing policy that directly impacts us. By doing so, ICUC is creating a culture where ordinary people take the power of the voting process into their own hands and systematically use it to shift the culture in which we live. Through the voter engagement process, leaders are ensuring that our immediate needs are met at the statewide level.