Parent Organizing


Within ICUC, we understand that parents are a driving force in our community. As the agents with the largest direct influence over our children and youth, parents have a central right to be crucial deciding factors in the education offered in our schools. Parent leaders in the organization work to improve the quality of services and opportunities offered to children and families in the San Bernardino Unified School District. The goal of the parent

organizing is to address educational disparities between students and change the overall culture within the school district to one of meaningful parent engagement. To achieve these goals, parent leaders meet up in various of the local schools, they engage in conversations with school board members and district officials, and they expand their leadership base by inviting more parents to be part of the process.


Throughout the years, parent leaders have influenced the direction of our education in many ways. Recently, they have done so by reducing the number of students in combination classes at one of the local elementary schools. By doing this, parents are ensuring that the students in these classes get a better quality education by increasing the amount of time and attention they receive from their teacher. Parent leaders hope

to expand on this organizing by also reducing the sizes of special education classes as well as expanding academic support services for the reclassification of English learners. Beyond this, parent leaders are tackling the issue of how school police interact with students and make decisions around their discipline. By engaging in this work, parent leaders ensure that students receive the treatment they deserve within their schools.