Criminal Justice Reform & Policing

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Through the Live Free campaign, ICUC leaders are tackling to end gun violence, mass incarceration, and the criminalization of black and brown bodies. This work is being fronted by formerly incarcerated people and local faith leaders. Under the Live Free framework, leaders in Riverside and San Bernardino are implementing violence intervention programs, police accountability programs, and are participating in civic engagement, as well as providing leadership opportunities for those who have been through the trauma of incarceration.

In order to achieve this, our leaders are focusing their efforts on specific programs to help shift this culture. One of these programs is Peacemakers, which is set on helping young men who are affected by the violence in their communities through providing them with direct services, including emotional and psychological support. The goal of the program is to get the young men to regain the sense of normalcy in their lives away from the trauma they have experienced.

Leaders in Riverside have also been hosting Hiring, Equipment, Accountability, Training (HEAT) table meetings with the Riverside Police Department (RPD). In these meetings, a combination of cops, community, and clergy come together to discuss public safety and engage in creating a culture of transparency between police and the people. In being a part of this work, ICUC leaders are challenging the racist roots of police culture within our society.

In the city of San Bernardino, ICUC faith leaders have been at the frontlines of implementing a Violence Intervention Program that uses the Common Ground for Peace framework. The programs advocate for community engagement peacemaking efforts and is an ongoing push to reduce homicide rates in the city by following strategies that have been proven to work in other cities throughout California.